July 18, 2023
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Michelle & Joshua | Summer Wildflower DIY Catholic Wedding in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Michelle and Joshua’s simple summer wedding at St. Lawrence Catholic Church and the Rock Barn & McConnell House was such a tender, sweet day!! These two met on Twitter of all places. Joshua first attempted to break the ice by messaging Michelle asking about her tea preferences (the answer is tea with “enough honey to fill a beehive”). After some back and forth, their conversation fell off until Joshua decided to take a risk and ask her on a virtual date. To both of their surprise, Michelle said yes! Two years later, after long distance and lots of video chats, they tied the knot during a beautiful wedding Mass in Lawrenceville, Georgia at the parish where Michelle works.

They wanted their July wedding to be “a messy DIY wildflower theme with lots of joy”, which they absolutely achieved! Their decor was simple, with wildflower bud vases, stormy blue bridesmaids dresses, colorful bouquets, a stunning cake made by the bride’s family, and lots of classic music to swing dance to. Smiles adorned their faces the entire day beginning to end, which made everything so fun and smooth. The couple shared a beautiful and intimate first prayer moment inside the adoration chapel, where they held hands between a screen in front of the Eucharist. Their wedding party and Joshua’s parents eventually joined to pray over them before their Mass. They had a strong attendance of priests, deacons, and seminarians at their Mass. Their celebrant priest used their crucifix to bless them for their final blessing, which I had never said before.

The Rock Barn was the perfect space for these two and all their guests to dance the night away. Nearly everyone was on the dance floor at some point, whether during the line dances or the swing dancing music. Michelle and Joshua wowed with their impressive moves! We even got to sneak out of the reception for some sunset photos, and we had a blast. Their streamer exit was so FUN and we got the best photos!! They were so easy to clean up too – check them out on Amazon here. I am so grateful for the awesome couples that trust me with their wedding photos and precious memories. Congrats Michelle and Joshua!

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