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These core beliefs guide every aspect of the NSP wedding photography experience. From true-to-life edits to heartfelt prayers, I center your experience around these three things. Getting to know you and your love story allows me to capture your wedding day with intentionality.

As someone who is married to my best friend, I understand your excitement to enter into this vocation! I cherish the sacred journey of marriage and am honored by the opportunity to witness and capture your beginning. I’m committed to capturing every precious moment and every beautiful detail—the small and sweet interactions, the laughter shared between friends, the happy tears, and everything in between.

Intentional. Sacred. True.

Create a fun and relaxing experience by taking care of every detail. Honor your authentic love story, capturing your romantic moments and candid interactions with the people who mean the world to you. Laugh and dance the night away alongside you as I preserve the joy that fills your special day.

I promise to…

know that the wedding day is only the beginning of a beautiful life together

laugh and cry freely

have a deep admiration for the Sacrament as it points us to the Lord

I’m here for the couples who

Husband + Second Shooter

As a bride myself, I searched high and low for a Catholic wedding photographer to capture the epic, sacred moments of our Mass, but came up empty-handed locally. Disappointed with our wedding photos, I felt a calling from the Lord during my maternity leave to step into this role and give it a shot. 

Photography quickly became my passion as I discovered its remarkable ability to capture the divine beauty within each person. It’s more than clicking a button; it’s about uncovering artistry in every fleeting moment. I thrive on connecting with people and their love stories, making this career a perfect job for me! By the time your wedding day arrives, I’ll feel like an old friend, dedicated to authentically capturing your story and ensuring your special day is stress-free and filled with joy!

Owner, Mom, Margarita Enthusiast, & the Vendor Most Likely to Dance at Your Wedding

Meet Nicole!

The Mass. The holiest part of your wedding day, and it makes me cry every.single.time.

Wedding Day Moment

My two sweet toddler girls and my husband (my college sweetheart) are my best friends.

My family

Any Podcast featuring John Mark Comer

Albums by Penny and Sparrow or Taylor Swift

During college, I worked as a bartender and a barista, so I can make either drink really well!

Margarita & A Good Cup of Coffee

My husband and I are obsessed. We pretty much play any chance we get! We are both competitive, so it’s fun to do together!


Current Favorites

Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

Danza Kuduro by Don Omar

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Paper Rings by Taylor Swift

Low by T-Pain






5 Fav Songs for a Dance Floor

just for fun —

— Katherine & Milton

and I really appreciated her check-in meetings leading up to the wedding to make sure she could capture my vision as authentically as possible. I love that Nicole was able to capture the relationship between my husband and I during our big day, and fully encouraged us to be our true selves! Not only did she capture beautiful moments at each point of our wedding day, she also served as a consistent support for me as the bride, especially during moments when I began to feel ~slightly~ overwhelmed."

Nicole was incredibly intentional with her work,

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